About Me

Nice to Meet You!

2931bwMy name is Catherine, or Sunshine as my nieces and nephew call me.

I’m a hairstylist by trade, and absolutely love it, but my career has taken the back burner recently. You see, there’s this boy…that made me a mommy back in December 2015 and has opened up a whole world of “mommy-ing” that I can’t get enough of!

The other half of my heart belongs to my wonderful husband Mike, who has put up with my “crazy” for the past 7 years. I don’t know why or how but he makes my life better in every way and is the true definition of a partner.

We are makingĀ our fixer-upper into our dream home project by project. Mike helps me make the awesome designs in my head come to life. We love money saving projects and anything that requires spending time outdoors. If our hands are dirty then we probably had fun!

If I have to be inside I’m usually cleaning, organizing or practicing cooking. There’s nothing that settles my soul more that a clean and organized house, seriously. And although I’m farthest from a chef, being a mom has expanded my exploration of healthy, easy meals.

So what made me start blogging?

I had thought about blogging for years but always thought I didn’t have enough to say. I lacked the motivation and inspiration. Plus, what would I write about? Well, when I had my son the idea of a blog came back but this time it stuck. All of a sudden I was able to talk about experiences that so many other people could relate to. I was inspired. I was motivated. To say having a child gave me a completely different perspective on every single thing in my life would be an understatement. So, April 2016 I made the jump. I bought my site and started the (very slow!) process of designing and posting. It has been an amazing experience and I love creating every post you guys read!

So, that’s what you’ll find here, my journey.

Every important lesson I learn or cool idea I come up with I will share with you all. So take this journey with me! If you’re looking for someone that has it all together and knows the secrets to a perfectly run home and family I’m definitely not your girl. I’m no expert in life’s secrets but I’ve learned so much through my experiences. In the end, I’m all for anything that makes my family happier, healthier and adds a little sunshine in our lives! I’d love to share that sunshine with you too!

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